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Why is my Wi-Fi Weather Station offline on Weather Underground after initial setup?




  • peter stewart

    why is my weather station showing its connected to my router but shows offline on weather underground

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  • Dianne Simmons

    I'm having the same problem as Peter Stewart, I have double checked all my settings and I am not at a loss. I have bean trying to set it up for 3 days can someone pleas help thanks.   

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  • M. Drummond

    Having had a similar challenge with getting the sync to work with Weather Underground, I realised my mistake had been to be inputting the station ID and then my website password into the browser when re-doing the station set up, and not the STATION KEY! Make sure you use the station id, which will be listed in the credentials page for your station when logged into Weather Underground.

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  • Anthea Palmer

    Same problem as peter showing off-line

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  • Chris Leigh

    Hi all having the exact same problem as all above I have checked and rechecked ALL settings are correct even deleted and added the weather station again all to no avail !!! would seem that nobody from Holman Industries wants to answer or they do not have the answer and this is a random issue only happening to the odd unit here and there ??? 

    Hi there Holman peoples can you PLEASE come back with a solution as I am absolutely positive that my weather station is the only one in my little coastal town as it was registered as number 1 so pretty obvious anyway that weather data I would have thought would be rather useful.


    please get a solution !

    Cheers Chris ;-)  

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