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My Holman Home devices are offline after connection. What can I do?




  • philipjamesharrson

    If the Wifi-Hub and WX1 are using low RF to communicate there is NO WAY I can establish clear line of sight between the two. I am fairly into Wifi gadgets and I am surprised this is not part of the purchasing information. These are not cheap and I have wasted a lot of time and effort trying to get these things to work in TWO separate location, The WX1 just goes off line and no matter what you does not return to be on line even if you bring each device in close poroximetry. On the other hand the Wifi switch works perfectly anywhere but this is hardly a justified cost as I can by Wifi switches easily and at far lower cost. 

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  • Geoff. Williams

    I have come to the conclusion that these products are a complete waste of money… can I 'move the unit closer to the modem ' when the gardens are outside and the modem is inside? What sort of advice is that? I have had these operating for about 18 months with mostly good results, but lately have had trouble with both units going offline on and off, even though the internet is still operating at 100-109 Mbps. I just returned from 10 days overseas to find the majority of my plants dead as they were obviously not being watered while I was away…….not happy. 

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